Biomedicine society president 2020-21: Nadia Patel reflecting on the society

This academic year started off with a strong sense of confusion and uncertainty for many students, a sentiment that became apparent upon discussion with Biomedicine students in casual society meetings. The challenges that the pandemic posed were new and unprecedented: the seeming lack of proximity to the wider student community, inability engage in collaborative projects and the feelings of loneliness that came with this. Adjusting to this new form of university life through harnessing the power of technology was difficult at first, and called for an extraordinary form of grit and resilience. I am proud to say that these challenges paved the way for unparalleled growth for the society which has gone from strength to strength over recent months. We owe these achievements to wonderful diversity in the talents of Biomedicine students, and the invaluable support of academic staff.

Part of accommodating the restrictions imposed by the pandemic was finding (virtual) spaces to express ourselves and feel a sense of community, and if they didn’t exist, creating them ourselves. One such example is our use of virtual study rooms, where students continue to enjoy the company and support of other students whilst studying. Other initiatives include a Book club for invigorating discussions, our BioArt club to help relax and express creativity alongside a heavily technical programme of study, and online student socials for games and a good laugh. This is all aside from the launch of our most collaborative project yet: Bioscientist Magazine.

So yes, the year started off with the urgent need to adapt to and overcome challenges, but ended with a plethora of lessons, experiences and (online) friends, the main legacy of which is this very publication.

Biomedicine Society, it has certainly been a pleasure leading an exceptional team through this remarkable year. Here’s to the future!

Author: bioscientistmagazine

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