Bioscientist Magazine is the student-led biannual magazine of the Salford University Biomedicine Society, publishing a new issue every winter and summer. The first ever issue was launched in December 2020 by a small group of students.

We cover new, interesting and controversial topics in biomedicine, demystify biomedical careers, and strengthen our community of bioscience students.

Meet the founding magazine team:

Caitlin Owen
Founding Co-Editor-in-Chief

Founding Website Editor

Caitlin joined the project as a final-year BSc Biomedical Science with Professional Studies student and Secretary of the Salford Biomedicine Society. Her interests lie in public health, and she enjoys working at her local pathology lab and creating biology-inspired drawings and paintings.

Nadia Patel
Founding Co-Editor-in-Chief

Nadia joined the project as a second-year BSc Biomedical Science student and President of the Salford Biomedicine Society. Her interests lie in genomics, biotechnology and biomedical research, and in her spare time she may be found absorbed in a sci-fi or fantasy novel with a freshly-baked treat.

Dimitrios Bitas
Founding Head of Referencing

Dimitri joined the project for its second issue release as a first-year BSc Biomedical Science student. He has a previous MSc in Analytical Chemistry, and you may find his name is in a number of scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters. In his spare time he likes playing RPG video games – maybe more than he should!

Bruce Veloso
Founding Assistant Editor

Bruce joined the project is a first-year BSc Biomedical Science student. He also works as a healthcare assistant at his local hospital. When he is not working or studying, Bruce spends his time engaged in writing or playing basketball outside – whenever the English weather allows, that is!

Academic Support

The magazine also has academic support from Dr Sara Namvar, Lecturer of Biomedical Sciences and Biomedicine Student Engagement Officer at the University of Salford; and Aimee Pinnington FIBMS, Biomedical Scientist in Haematology & Transfusion and Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Science at the University of Salford. We are thankful for the contributions of many Salford staff to our magazine.


Website Team

Website creator and editor: Caitlin Owen
Editorial assistants: Patricia Medeiros, Muhammad Amla, Zain Mirza, Alia Boda, Nana Nabiha-Yussuf, Samir Riaz, and Aleena Shazeel.

We are always looking to grow. If you would like to contribute to the magazine, please visit our contributions page. Have questions or suggestions? Contact our editors here.